Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Welcome to - The God Confusion

The God Confusion is a week of events organised by Christ Church Balham to which people of all faiths and none are welcome.

For details of our services on Sunday 1oth February go here.

On Monday 11th February we will be showing the award winning film adaptation of Ian McEwan's book, Atonement. For more information go here.

On Tuesday 12th February Ian Fry, an experienced ex-teacher and currently Director of Youth & Children's Ministry at a Church of England training college will be speaking on 'Does it matter what we teach our children?' For more details go here.

Our popular pub quiz returns on Wednesday 13th February. This time there's a faint whiff of philosophy in one of the rounds. For more information go here.

During the day on Friday 15th February there's a Women's 'express' Colour Me Beautiful consultation and a short talk entiled, 'Would Jesus Wear Prada?' For more information go here.

Two events dominate Saturday 16th February. The Women's Brunch will hear from Jo Richardson how a Doctorate in Cell Biology from Cambridge University need not be an obstacle to Christian faith. More details are available here. In the evening the guest speaker at our Charity Dinner will be Matthew Frost, the Chief Executive of Tearfund, a Christian relief and development agency. For more details of that event go here.

On Sunday 17th February we're delighted to welcome Christian Philosopher, author and speaker Peter Williams from the Damaris Trust, who will respond to Richard Dawkins' book, The God Delusion. Find details here.

You would be very welcome at any of the events. For additional enquiries please contact our Vicar, the Rev Richard Perkins on richardperkins@christchurchbalham.org.uk or 020 86786157.