Friday, 11 January 2008

The God Confusion Mission Events

We're just putting the finishing touches to The God Confusion mission. We're about to publicise the final events, venues and speakers. It's a very exciting programme. Here's a sneak preview of some of the highlights. Get these details in your diary, PDA or whatever.

Tony Watkins is the Managing Editor of, produced by Damaris. Tony is passionate about films. You can find out about him here. He will be speaking on the Monday night, 11th February at the Clapham Picture House when he'll provide commentary for either Atonement or The Golden Compass.
He joined Damaris at its inception in 1991. Tony is the author of Focus: The Art and Soul of Cinema (2007) and Dark Matter: A Thinking Fan’s Guide to Philip Pullman (2004), co-author of Back in Time: A Thinking Fan’s Guide to Doctor Who (2005) and a contributor to a number of other books including Matrix Revelations: A Thinking Fan’s Guide to the Matrix Trilogy (2003) and the Talking About series of books, of which he is the editor. He is also responsible for the Culturewatch courses and Culturewatch groups, and is an experienced speaker in a wide range of contexts. For more about Tony Watkins, visit his website.

Ian Fry is the Director of the Youth and Children's Ministry Cource at Oak Hill Theological College. Ian will be speaking on Tuesday evening, February 12th, at Telferscot School at 8 pm. He will address the issues of faith in education, whether it matters what we teach our children and whether there's such a thing as a non-faith school.
You can find out about him here. Ian's worked in both teaching and ministry. For 13 years he was a school teacher. He left that to become the Kingston Schools' Worker.

Matthew Frost is the Chief Executive of TEARFUND. Matthew has agreed to speak at a charity Dinner on the Saturday evening, 16th February.
He started the job in 2005 having gained extensive experience working in the business world. Matthew is married to Katherine and they have four young children. They attend St Mark’s Church in Battersea, South West London. You can read a little more about him here.

The Philosophy Quiz Night will happen on the Wednesday night, 13th February at the Blithe Spirit. We've been able to secure the upstairs floor so that we won't be disturbed and won't disturb anyone else. Once again the tried and tested and, dare I say, brilliant combination of Colin Munro and Ed Drew will provide a quiz with a mild philosophical twist. The very successful World View Survey will be available for groups to take so that they can discover what their view of reality is called. The team of Cornhill experts will be on hand to analyse the classification with personal consultations! Richard Perkins will briefly address the significance of world views and encourage people to come along to the remainder of our events.

During the week the Cornhill team will be involved with the boys from Quirky Motion in street work, leafletting and interviewing the people of Balham. They'll help with the children's work on the two Sundays by leading the children's slots. Telferscot school have also kindly invited us in to take their Thursday assembly.

The Women's Bible Study are running an 'express' colours consultation on Friday morning, 15th February from 10 am till 12 noon. Liz Barnard is running the events at the Taylors. Jo Richardson, one of teh Cornhill student will respond to the question 'would Jesus wear Prada?'

As you've already discovered Peter Williams will be speaking on Sunday 17th at both congregational meetings. You can find out more about him here.

We're waiting on details of a few extra things but when the loose ends are tied up we'll let you know.

The above details are of course subject to change, but we'll endeavour to do all we can not to alter the programme.
Please diarise, pray and invite.