Friday, 11 January 2008

The God Confusion

I am delighted to confirm that Peter Williams will be speaking on Sunday 17th February at ‘The God Confusion’ mission.
Peter is a philosopher with a number of books to his name and a particular expertise in working with students. He professes a love of progressive rock [1970s rock in the style of Pink Floyd et al], science fiction and The Muppets!
Peter is experienced as a speaker in Universities, Colleges, schools and churches, and has participated in debate with a number of atheists, including American Philosopher Professor Michael Martin (cf. 'Head to Head: A Theism Debate') and British secular humanist Peter Hearty of the national secular society (cf. 'Evolution vs. Intelligent Design').
After studying philosophy at Cardiff (BA), Sheffield (MA) and The University of East Anglia (MPhil), Peter worked as a 'Student Assistant' at Holy Trinity Church Leicester for three years, before moving to Southampton to join Damaris, where he is managing editor of The Quest.
Peter is author of three books: The Case For God (Monarch, 1999), The Case For Angels (Paternoster, 2002) and I Wish I Could Believe In Meaning: A Response To Nihilism. He has co-authored Back in Time: A thinking fan's guide to Doctor Who and contributed chapters to Damaris' Talking About books and the Matrix Revelations: A thinking fan's guide to the Matrix Trilogy.
In addition to writing for Damaris web-sites (such as, Peter has been published by several magazines, journals and websites, including Philosophy Now, The Philosopher's Magazine, Healing & Wholeness, Themelios, Third Way, Christianity & Renewal, (the apologetics website of UCCF), CASE, C.S. Lewis Society of California, Quodlibet Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy, Leadership University, ISCID and the Intelligent Design website Access Research Network, where he is one of their 'featured authors'.
At the all age congregation Peter will give a ‘Rough Guide to Creation and Evolution’. At the evening meeting in the Bedford Peter will speak on ‘Is God a Delusion: A Response to Richard Dawkins’. We’re hoping that Peter will be available over Sunday lunch and throughout the afternoon to take additional questions.
You'll find some of Peter's writings, talks and so on here and the Damaris web site was the source for much of what's here.