Thursday, 15 November 2007

Welcoming our new Administrator

Dear Everyone

Let me take a moment to introduce our new administrator, Anna Hartridge. Anna has joined us from her home town of Southend having heard of our need through a friend on the Cornhill Training Course. She’s a real answer to prayer. And we’re very grateful to God for the way He provides what we need to resource the ministry at CCB.
Anna comes to us following time as a UCCF Relay Worker and more recently as a Research Technician at Queen Mary College. She’s working part time initially and hoping to supplement her CCB ministry with finances from teaching foreign language students.
It’s my intention to allow a period for Anna to ease her way into the job and into the church. She’s new to our church and our established ways of doing things. She needs our help to settle in and grow familiar with my idiosyncratic ways of doing things! To do this can I ask therefore that you direct e-mails and requests through me and I’ll better be able to monitor what needs to be done, by whom and by when!
I’ll let you know when I’ve lifted the administration embargo!