Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A faint whiff of Philosophy

As anticipated the pub quiz was a massive success. Crammed into the top floor of the Blithe Spirit were over 120 guests gathered in their teams.
The Quirky Motion team had put together four magnificent rounds of questions. My personal favourite was the 'name the dog breeds picture round'. [I still maintain it was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier]. Ed hosted the evening with characteristic wit and aplomb. And the Cornhill Team worked tirelessly behind the scenes to process the 'cosmo style' world view survey. Round four was the world view and philosophy round. In preparation for the round the contestants needed to listen to a short talk describing and analysing the six major world views. We watched some film clips, read some quotes and the arguments began! I'd always thought that the Matrix was written out of an existentialist world view. But apparently not. In all honesty, it didn't make a whole heap of difference to where we came. We were way off the pace!
These pub quizzes require a lot of hard work from a dedicated team but they remain one of the best things we put on. Our thanks must go to Colin Munro and his able helpers.