Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Nativity Tableau

CCB's annual Nativity Tableau happens this Sunday morning, 16th December at 10.30 am. We meet in Chestnut Grove School. You can find further details on the Church web site
We've encouraged the children of Christ Church Kids to invite their friends to come along and actually take part. The brilliance of a nativity tableau is that there are no words to learn! The narrator does it all. The genius of this nativity is that there's all the fun of dressing up without the stress of learning any lines! The kids can just turn up, get dressed and walk on to adoring sighs of appreciation from doting parents! They'll be fine as long as they can handle the flash of digital cameras. All of our kids are 0-7 so it's ideal for that age range. It's probably worth saying that having more than one Mary, Joseph and Jesus might get confusing. But there's room for an unlimited number of animals, shepherds, kings and angels. Come along and join in our Christmas celebrations. You'd be very welcome.